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What is Green Dragon Conservation Education?

We are a small, collaborative group of experienced educators and conservation biology field researchers partnering to provide an open, viable source of mindful, inquiry-based science curriculum and conservation education programs.


We provide easy access to unique, user friendly science curriculum with customized options. Consultation is available for education program development. 


In the future we will be offering a variety of conservation education and field research classes as well as professional workshops through our outdoor science school. 

GDCE is dedicated to mindful, inquiry-based education. Mindful through an awareness that arises from paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally in the service of self-understanding and wisdom (Jon-Kabat Zinn); inquiry-based education using scientific methodology.  

We approach education in the way one approaches the scientific method, beginning with an observation, heightening curiosity to formulate hypotheses, explore through experimentation as you collect data to consider as you evaluate and come to a conclusion to share with others. By stimulating learners to become curious observers who pose questions, we raise the level of wonder and possibility, thus leading to creative solutions for complex global challenges. 

We hope to nurture collaborative working relationships with diverse partners by: 

  • encouraging mindful exploration 

  • providing a multi-faceted, interdisciplinary forum for information exchange

  • establishing clear pathways for discovery of unique inquiry-based science education 


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OUR APPROACH TO EDUCATION: Breathing FIRE* into the next generation of science education

*Fundamental Inquiry Related to Environmental Education

GDCE 2020 Annual Impact Report

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