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Community Stories

Connecting to nature and to the awe-inspiring wonders around us doesn't have to be complicated or involved. This page is dedicated to people in communities who have found curiosity and inspiration in science in their daily lives. We highlight their individual experiences and  celebrate their stories to encourage others to find ways nature and science can positively impact individuals and communities. 

Support Public Education - Children are the Flowers Pledge

Green Dragon Conservation Education is inviting you to consider the ‘Children Are the Flowers’ pledge as a commitment to observe children in your everyday life, reflect on your childhood learning experiences, and dedicate to moving our educational system to a more mindful, productive space. 

We invite you to join with GDCE as we formally engage as individuals and organizations at local, state and national levels to mindfully support free access to a quality education for all children.


Please pledge to mindfully support a dynamic public education system which sustains a consistent course offering all children free access to a quality education.  Such a system would:

  • Be seated in democracy

  • Be based on facts

  • Provide authentic historical accuracy

  • Ignite curiosity

  • Set the tone for development of

    • Positive self esteem

    • Empathy

    • Healthy inquisitive minds


The Goal: To create a model for the world that clearly, mindfully sets a course for lifelong learning and recognition of our responsibilities as global stewards.

Instructions: Please sign one pledge and include the state you would like to represent. Next, share with family, friends or community members who might like to participate. Finally, place signed pledges in an envelope and send them on their way back to us. Feel free to creatively use the poem and pledge in honor of public education. Please send pictures capturing your creations to so we can share them here on the website. Pledges will be gathered, banners created, with plans to share nationally. Thank you for participating!


The Capra Dragon Fruit Adventure- San Diego, CA  

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