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Fellow Conservation Organizations' Projects

Collaborative efforts are crucial to solving the complex global challenges that lie before us. Here we offer information and a celebration of organizations partnering with GDCE to make mindful change and positive impacts in communities all over the world. We encourage you to support these, and organizations like them, in your local communities. Small collective changes in our local communities get us closer to a more sustainable, just and peaceful world. 

Feed & Be Fed: San Pedro, CA

At Feed & Be Fed we are about nourishing the whole person using our urban farm to feed the local community in body, mind, and spirit through the cultivation of healthy food, educational programs, and creating a natural sanctuary in the heart of our urban community on the edge of the Port of Los Angeles, in San Pedro, CA.


6TH Street Garden

The Farm and Science Center

Little Sprouts

GDCE has been working with Feed & Be Fed to help develop their program, Little Sprouts, to inspire connections to the garden and nature for small children and parents. We have also partnered up to develop a new educational Science Center in San Pedro. 

Little Sprouts Garden Reading: Ivy Can't Wait

Little Sprouts Garden Reading: Ivy Can't Wait

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